• intentions

    the essential system for designing a life

  • intentions.

    designed in Italy - printed & shipped worldwide

    Vision Notebooks + Idea Journals + Essential Planners for Designing Your Life

    intentions was designed as a comprehensive system for lifestyle design. where traditional systems focused on productivity and crossing items off of to-do lists - intentions asks you to take a step back, evaluate the direction that you're heading towards, and make daily progress towards the things that matter the most.


    we're all familiar with the feeling of being endlessly busy but never getting anything of substance done - through strategic design, intentions ensures that you're spending your time and energy on actions that will guide towards the life of your dreams.

    Don't Force - Just Flow.

    this system is designed to help you Think Bigger, align your visions and values to your day-to-day habits and act boldly in the face of fear. rather than hustle, grinding, and chasing - we offer an alternative model: we challenge you to set your intentions, call them forward, and gracefully ease into your own unique path.