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  • Imagine:

    Who would be if you had the tools to help you set your ideal, unique vision and

    accomplish all of your wildest, far-reaching dreams? How would you evolve?



    What if you had a system in place to finish every project that you started?


    How far could you go if you evolved from being a person who talks about ideas to being a person that always executes?


    If you had a proven process for creating a vision and strategy that would transform your life, who could you be? Where would you be?


    intentions. is a system that supports you through the process of manifesting, visualizing and bringing your dreams to fruition. It helps fill the liminal space between dreaming and doing - by guiding you to not only set your intentions, but to bring them to life.


    The system is designed to help you identify and accomplish your massive, life-changing goals - by focusing on key outcomes, major milestones, daily wins and reflective prompts.


    It is a vessel for doing deeper, more impactful work and making your dreams come to life - by helping you focus on the work that matters and make meaningful progress on the most important goals, instead of being distracted by an endless list of tasks.


    That's why the intentions. systems don't have:

    • to-do lists
    • hour-by-hour scheduling
    • dates or times
    And instead, features elements like:
    • brainstorming exercises to stimulate Big Thinking and Dreaming
    • exercises and prompts to overcome fear and clear energy blocks
    • reflection spaces to scan and celebrate progress
    Unlike many planners, the intentions. system isn't made up of a dozen daily questions and prompts - it's designed with simplicity. When we have too many improvement areas and tasks, it's difficult to make meaningful progress on any of them. By keeping your mind on the most important change that you're trying the make, the rest is automatically deprioritized.
    Remarkable results - and a life that is far beyond the norm- require a different approach.
  • the approach.

    creating your world.


    Reflect on the prompts to create and visualize your ideal life - in vivid detail. This is a time for Dreaming Big - what would change your life in the next six months?


    Identify the most meaningful goal(s) and use our timeline feature to outline the significant milestones along the way.


    Leverage our high-level framework to track progress towards milestones, small wins, achievements and outcomes.

  • more than a planner.

    the system also includes features like:

    brainstorming prompts.

    journaling + sketching sections.

    mood-setting illustrations.

    spaces for gratitude & celebration.

    monthly & weekly focuses.

    reflection and recalibrating sections.