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    Elle Mason


    Hi, I'm Elle! I created intentions. when I was three months into my journey to travel the world and build a business. I was hopping around nonstop from country to country - going from Indonesia to Thailand to Malaysia to South Korea - while working with clients on different projects, and creating Better Living with Design.


    I knew that I needed a stronger system to help me keep track of all the moving parts: what cities did I want to visit that year? How many clients did I want to pursue that quarter? How could I meet my goals while carving out time for my creative work and enjoying the places I was in?


    I've always been a planner lover, usually keeping 3-4 at one time: 1 for to-do lists, 1 for brainstorming and ideas, 1 for reflecting and 1 for gratitude. But I quickly began to get frustrated with the complexity of having my thoughts spread out everywhere.


    So, on the bus one day while I was heading to Seoul, I grabbed a piece of notebook paper, and I started sketching the layout for intentions, starting with the end in mind - a system that was simple and sleek, that would keep me progressing on the most important goals, and make sure that I was working towards a set vision. I didn't need a place to write "mail the package" - that's what the Notes app and Reminders are for. I needed a system that would make sure that I moved a needle on the huge goals: like writing my first book and earning my PhD.


    Since creating this system, I've traveled and grown my business while working and living across 15+ countries, completed multiple certifications and courses, deep-dived a number of niche learning topics and finished dozens of creative projects - but most importantly, I've built a life worth living. I've created a system for balancing ambition and flow - for continuously growing, learning, and progressing even while taking it easy, and for celebrating every single win along the way. I'm so excited to be able to share this system with other like-minded and ambitious learners who are eager to design & live their out their own visions. Wishing you the best on your new journey!


    With gratitude,